TORQ Foam Cannon Snow Foamer & Watermelon Snow Foam Auto Wash (1 Gal)

How To Use:

  • Unscrew fluid tank from foam cannon unit.
  • Fill fluid tank with water (for best results, use warm water.)
  • Add 1-3 ounces of your favorite Chemical Guys car wash shampoo to the fluid tank.
  • Attach fluid tank to foam cannon unit.
  • Attach to pressure washer and enjoy your foam party!
  • Finish by running clean plain water through the pressurized foaming system to purge soap from the internal components. Flush with hot water for added cleansing power.
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What’s Included?

    • (1) TORQ Foam Cannon Snow Foamer
    • (1) Watermelon Snow Foam Cleanser (1 Gal)

Why Buy This Product?

      • Maximum Foam Delivery
      • 1 gallon of ultra-thick foam car wash soap for dozens of full washes
      • High quality car wash foam cannon for low-pressure pressure washers
      • Works with any gas or electric pressure washer: 500-3,500 PSI
      • Durable construction with corrosion-resistant materials
      • Solid brass construction won’t rust
      • Universal quick-release system works with any pressure washer
      • Quality plastics resist cracking and fading from exposure
      • Insulated bottle thread preserves soap solution bottles
      • Fully-adjustable to clean any vehicle, large or small
      • Works with any premium Chemical Guys car wash soap
      • Remove the thickest dirt and mud from any vehicle

Watermelon Snow Foam—The Perfect Foaming Car Wash Shampoo

The TORQ Snow Foamer & Watermelon Snow Foam Kit is the one-two combo for thick car wash foam even with low-output pressure washers. Now detailing enthusiasts can pump out professional-level foam with pressure washers that pump out as little as 500 PSI. Watermelon Snow Foam is the first auto shampoo specifically formulated to create copious amounts of thick cleaning suds in a foam cannon or foam gun. Use Watermelon Snow Foam for a touchless wash on your garage queen show car, or as part of your two-bucket wash on your winter warrior covered in salt, mud, and muck. Traditional wash methods push dirt around on painted surfaces, inducing scratches and marring marks that rob your car of shine. Using Watermelon Snow Foam in a foam gun or foam cannon during your car wash drastically reduces the chances of scratching your car as you wash, and adds tons of fun to the process!


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