Foam & Wool Citrus-Based Pad Cleaner (16 oz)

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Why buy This Product ?

  • Cleans Foam, Wool, and Microfiber Polishing Pads
  • Removes Polish, Wax, and Paint Residue
  • Rejuvenates and Restores
  • Works in all pad cleaning machines
  • Sprayable formula for easy use

How It Works

Polishing Pad Cleaner cleans and rejuvenates all foam, microfiber, and wool polishing pads. The innovative cleaner removes spent compound, polish, wax, and paint residue from any polishing pad. The citrus-based cleaner breaks down and releases spent product, removed paint, dirt, and contaminants from polishing pads. Polishing Pad Cleaner completely cleans out embedded product and paint residue from deep inside foam, microfiber, and wool polishing pads. Simply spray on any polishing pad, scrub with a pad-cleaning brush, and rinse with warm running water. Polishing Pad Cleaner is also designed for use in any pad-cleaning machine for maximum cleaning power. The advanced citrus formula removes spent product, buildup, grease, and oil to restore the performance of any polishing pad. Polishing Pad Cleaner helps maintain the original condition of brand new foam, microfiber, and wool polishing pads. The cleaner prevents old wax and polishing compound from drying inside pads and ruining them. Polishing Pad Conditioner cleans and restores new and old polishing pads. Clean and rejuvenate any polishing pad with Chemical Guys Polishing Pad Cleaner.

How To Use:

  • Shake well
  • Spray¬†Polishing Pad Cleaner directly on polishing pad
  • Scrub pad with a stiff pad-cleaning brush
  • Rinse with warm running water
  • Wring out pads and allow to air dry
  • Add 6 – 8 sprays of Polishing Pad Cleaner into any pad-cleaning machine for maximum efficiency


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