Carbon Flex Trim Coating

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Why Buy This Product?

  • Protects plastic, rubber, and vinyl trim
  • Restores deep black shine
  • Rejects water, dirt, dust, and moisture
  • Anti scratch technology
  • UV solar protection
  • Thermal heat barrier
  • Restores factory appearance
  • Advanced coating lasts up to 36 months
  • For best results only use with included applicators. Refill applicators are also available, Applicator Refill Kit

What’s Included?

  • (1) Carbon Flex C9 Protective Trim Coating (1 oz)
  • (1) Durafoam Coating Applicator Block
  • (2) Micro-Suede Applicator Towels

About Carbon Flex

Carbon Flex C9 Trim Coating is the ultimate restoration and protection coating for plastic, rubber, and vinyl trim. The advanced coating system restores the natural appearance of trim, and provides durable protection through all weather conditions. The innovative trim coating uses superhydrophobic technology to repel water and moisture from the trim surface. Carbon Flex C9 Trim Coating is formulated with UV protection to prevent trim from fading and discoloring. Trim pieces will look new again with Carbon Flex C9 Trim Coating. The durable trim coating bonds deep into the surface for maximum protection. Carbon Flex C9 Trim Coating provides impenetrable protection for your trim in all weather conditions. Protect your vehicle’s trim in extreme desert heat and bitter winter cold. Carbon Flex C9 Trim Coating repels dirt and grime to preserve your vehicle’s appearance. The durable trim coating protects against stains and water spots. Perfect for restoring plastic mirrors, bumpers, and door trim. Works great on rubber tires for a shine that lasts for months. Carbon Flex C9 Trim Coating restores a factory appearance back to any interior and exterior trim. The clear protective barrier in the ultimate protection against all road conditions. Carbon Flex C9 Trim Coating utilizes revolutionary bonding agents for the highest level of protection on textured plastic, rubber, and vinyl. Once trim is coated using Carbon Flex C9 Trim Coating, the surface will have a like-new appearance for months. Carbon Flex C9 Trim Coating finishes dry to the touch, and repels dust. Carbon Flex C9 Trim Coating bonds at the molecular level to create a hardened coating that helps resist scratches and scuffs. Experience the next level of trim protection technology with Carbon Flex C9 Trim Coating.

How To Use:

  1. Shake well.
  2. Always use in well-ventilated area.
  3. Surface should be washed clean of dirt, debris, and contamination before application.
  4. Trim should be cool to the touch and perfectly dry for best results.
  5. Wrap Carbon Flex Durafoam Coating Applicator Block with Optical Select Micro-Suede Applicator Towel.
  6. Hold Carbon Flex C9 bottle upright and place Micro-Suede Applicator on top of the opening. Invert bottle and applicator and move bottle around the applicator block to spread Carbon Flex C9 Trim Coating over the entire applicator face.
  7. Spread Carbon Flex C9 Trim Coating in straight lines and rub deep into plastic, rubber, and vinyl trim.
  8. Buff off any streaks using premium microfiber towel.
  9. DO NOT wash or expose the trim to rain, snow, or moisture for 8-12 hours.
  10. After initial cure time, vehicle can be washed and driven regularly.


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